The Hungry Tourist

why, how, where and what for

It began as a passion and a hobby: cooking and blogging, gathering people around a table. My friends kept asking if they could come along on my trips. Soon I was organizing tours for a wider circle of friends from Instagram and Facebook and all over the world.

Over seven years and dozens of tours later, we have been to Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Istanbul, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, The Faroe Islands, Hong Kong, Adana, Gaziantep, Milan, Modena, Alba, and Tel Aviv! 

I have found my purpose in life: bringing people together. For me, it’s about more than food, it’s about community.


best, only the best

My favorite word is ‘best’. Our tours are generous and whole-hearted. We are global but eat local. Inclusive, but we like exclusive places. We zoom from high end to low-down funky. The Hungry Tourist explores it all: markets and tasting menus, Asian street food, pintxos crawls, hellfire grill fires and expanses of snowy damask tablecloths. Connections, cultures, conversations.

Because life is full of questions: When was the last time you ate a dessert that touched your soul? Have you ever had a Michelin-starred chef fry you an egg? What shall we do with so many truffles?



I have developed a great network of friends and cooks and guides around the world — people who love their city and sharing its culinary wonders. These relationships are the key to what’s special about the Hungry Tourist. Insider tips, local knowledge, what’s hot, what’s new, what’s cool, what’s off the beaten track or under the radar.


sense of family

We always get the VIP treatment and are able to fix up extraordinary events; off-menu dishes, pre-opening dinners, tours by the best chefs in the world. Our tours are about engaging, learning and surprise. And most of all, fun.

The groups are small, often an international mix of foodies, chefs, and writers. It’s a source of great pride that many of our guests come back again and again.


what’s next

I am introducing the idea of opening up my network of local guides to the wider Hungry Tourist community so that you will be able to book your own tour through them, perhaps in smaller groups or for shorter periods, bespoke, direct, and personal.


Come and join us!


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