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petty and carlo tibung


From: Virginia, USA

Tour: Best of Scandinavia, March 2024

Tours with THT: 3

We had the finest curated experiences in Japan and San Sebastian with Dudi, The Hungry Tourist, so when we heard that Noma is closing soon, we had to snatch seats to his Scandinavian Tour ASAP!

Dudi himself alone is a reason to join the tour, as you can see his passion for experiences and love of people, making for a multifold and expansive experience of food and all its joys. He is simply the best! During this tour we also had Sinan co-host us who is always cheerful and ensured we have everything we needed.

The first leg of the tour was in Stockholm and we stayed at the beautiful Ett Hem. It consisted of 3 connected houses and our accomodation was at the spacious residence suites, that had direct access to the gym and was very convenient. There were 2 kitchens where were we had a nice breakfast and welcome dinner. Bar is always accessible in the room or at the library. There was no shortage of luxury with every corner of this accomodation that became a fine prologue to what’s in store.

At Stockholm, we were treated to a gastronomic high at the eponymous Frantzen. We were seated right at the kitchen bar witnessing all of the action, that took the experience up a notch (if at all possible).

The next day, we flew into Copenhagen as a group and checked in at The Nimb. This was a palatial and yet centrally located hotel that is right across Tivoli Gardens.

Our first dinner at Copenhagen was at Alchemist, whose young chef Rasmus has been regarded as a culinary genius. The food was excellent and they served my #1 favorite dish of the entire tour (omelet!), but what stood out the most was the mutual exchange of respect and love between The Hungry Tourist and The Alchemist – that was very cool to witness and what a privilege it was to be part of the THT group!

The next evening, we had an exquisite dinner at Jordnaer that showcased Chef Eric’s superior handling of seafood. Each dish was super pretty and yet so delicious. After the service, we were able to chat with the Chef and see the kitchen, another THT privilege!

One of the highlights for us was being able to eat at Noma. The new restaurant was beautiful and seeing chef Rene was a box ticked on our bucket list. It’s still a place we constantly talk about after being back to the US. We are fortunate that, through THT we were able to visit and per Noma, “try new things”!

The following day, we were on a luxury bus back to Sweden for Daniel Berlin’s Vyn, at his picturesque property by the sea. Everything we ate was good as can be imagined, and their hospitality was unmatched. Saw the Chef himself carry a cart of snacks and drinks for our journey back, and we were all just filled with gratitude for this day for many reasons.

The finale to the week was a lunch at the two Michelin starred Kadeau that had the best salmon, and in our opinion, wine pairing ever. They also had my #2 dish of the tour (shrimp, a very close match with the omelet!), and certainly was not in any way can be called least.

THT Best of Scandinavia Food Tour (as well as the other tours!) is definitely worth splurging on. It was an epic lineup that only The Hungry Tourist can pull off. The tour had the signature THT reception, and you know you are treated a little bit extra special. Everyone in the group were wonderful humans and were a joy to eat with.

Our group this time consisted of travelers from Israel, India, Philippines, Turkey, UK and USA. We were a big bunch but Dudi and Sinan made sure we are able to find our tables. We knew where we need to be and at what time. We also enjoyed the fact that we can wear smart casual clothes on this tour so traveling was made easier. We also were able to pace ourselves with the food and really had time to enjoy each meal to the fullest.

Thank you Dudi and Sinan for the unforgettable week and we can’t wait to join you again in another tour!

Carlo and Peti

aynur somer


From: Bodrum, Turkey

Tour: Best of Scandinavia, March 2024

Tours with THT: 1

The Grand Scandinavian Tour was my first experience with The Hungry Tourist. After an amazing week spent visiting six different Michelin Star restaurants, i found myself in a stage of ecstasy. Frantzen, The Alchemist, Jordnaer, Noma, Vyn by Daniel Berlin and Kadeau they were all a world within!

Having a michelin star experience is already a big thing. But having six of them was a big challenge. Day after day, tasting after tasting you finally understand the different aspects that makes a chef or the restaurant star worthed. An amazing lesson for a lifetime!

David and Sinan being amazing hosts, they gave us the best tour possible! If you join one of their tours one day, you will realise how loved and respected they are in the culinary world! Thank you for everything! You are loved and missed!



From: London, UK

Tour: Best of Scandinavia, March 2024

Tours with THT: 5

What can I say!? Dudi and Sinan keep out-doing themselves! Frantzen, Alchemist, Jordnær, Noma, Daniel Berlin, and Kadeau.

Imagine organising all of these back-to-back-to-back, and imagine organising it for 25 people! This marathon of a tour, like all others, was tremendous fun. It was again great to meet likeminded strangers that turn into great friends, and to reunite with old THT friends to make new memories!

This really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Amine akesbi


From: Marrakech Morocco

Tour: Best of Tokyo, Nov 2023

Tours with THT: 1

Trying to encapsulate my week in Tokyo with the Hungry Tourist in mere words is a challenge… To begin, it fulfilled a dream I’d harbored—spending a week in Japan, delving into the finest cuisine on Earth—was the ultimate checkbox on my pre-40 bucket list. And let me tell you, it not only met but exceeded every expectation.

The hungry tourist delivers precisely what you anticipate: access to the world’s top restaurants, many of which are typically impossible to book. It was a symphony of flavors, history, culture, and adventure in Tokyo.

But what set this experience apart was the personal touch—the respect for Japanese culture and the profound knowledge of tradition displayed by Dudi and Sinan toward the chefs. It granted us an intimate glimpse, allowing us to interact, have fun, and share drinks with the culinary maestros. It wasn’t merely a meal; it was a captivating performance filled with interaction and enjoyment, poetry at its finest.

As they expressed during our initial gathering, we started as strangers, evolved into friends, and now, we’re a family. One thing is certain: you’ve never truly tasted authentic Japanese cuisine until you’ve indulged in it in Japan.

After this incredible week, I foresee some serious challenges when it comes to relishing Japanese food anywhere else.

Amanda Beaudry & Don Hui


From: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Tour: Best of Tokyo, Oct 2023

Tours with THT: 3

We have taken 3 excellent Hungry Tourist Tours (2 San Sebastian and 1 Tokyo). The latest tour we took was The Best of Tokyo Tour and all I can say is wow! David’s itineraries are thoughtfully planned to ensure you taste all the different cuisines Japan has to offer.

David has built exceptional relationships with both the chefs and the staff of the restaurants. He and his team will take you to amazing restaurants where you will be treated like family and dine amongst friends.

On our tours in San Sebastian, Gabriella was an excellent guide whose wealth of knowledge on Basque cuisine and culture shines through and is second to none. The tour was so great we took the tour 2 times! David has a passion for food, and more importantly for sharing excellent food with great company.

On all our tours we have met like-minded, friendly foodies from all over the world. It is refreshing to share a table with people who enjoy food as much as you do. As David famously says in his tours you start as strangers and you end as family, and this is very true!

In life it’s not only about the food on the table, but also the company in which you share the food with. The Hungry Tourist is a community we are so thankful to be a part of. We can’t wait for our next tour!

dwip & kim pandya


From: Los Angeles, USA

Tour: Best of Tokyo, Sep 2023

Tours with THT: 1

We cannot possibly put into words the amazing experience we had with THT Best of Tokyo Tour.

Living in LA we thought we were exposed to the world’s best cuisines, and have had the best of the best. That was until we landed in Japan and had our first sushi dinner with THT. We knew that after that dinner, each meal was only going to get better. Each day we experienced a different meal and each time it just blew us away. We got to enjoy a range of restaurants.

We were getting worried about how we would be able to continue eating through the week, but Dudi carefully picked what types of meals we would have each day at which times so there was never a feeling of being overstuffed that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the next meal. We thoroughly enjoyed every meal of the week. We also made foodie friends from around the world who share our interest of delicious foods from all over.

We also enjoyed the rich culture of Japan and during our many metro rides and walks to the restaurants, Dudi gave us little mini lessons of the areas we were in or fun facts about the restaurant we were going to.

We can’t wait to book our next THT tour soon!

Julia, Alexey & Ivan Mikhaelov


From: London, UK

Tour: Best of Seoul with Anica, Aug 2023

Tours with THT: 4

A trip to Seoul was an unexpected idea that I received from Dudi, and I was very intrigued. The previous time we were in Korea was 19 years ago, and I didn’t have any memorable gastronomic memories then. I persuaded my wife (my faithful companion in search of new gastronomic adventures) and eldest son (yet a young but very curious foodie) to join.

This time, Seoul stunned me – the artistry of chefs, the width of the flavour palette, the quality of the ingredients.

Just a few short conclusions:

Korean cuisine is immensely multidimensional.
It is far beyond the standard stereotypes. It’s not just kimchi, though you will have a chance to try endless types of kimchi. Say, eel. Here you go: Korean-style sushi with raw eel and sea urchin in a fresh wasabi leaf to the charcoal grilled eel to the rich and thick eel bouillabaisse.

Seoul is a meat-lovers paradise.
Local beef and pork are of outstanding quality. Hanwoo beef is arguably better than Wagyu. We haven’t tried lamb, and I beg you not to tell Koreans about the existence of lamb, lest we find ourselves in a culinary dilemma between Turkish and Korean lamb in a couple of years.

There are no passing places in Anica’s program.
What may look like a quick lunch place to simply fill a spot in the program will end up being the place with the most delicious offal soup and beef hotpot in town. Anica’s expertise in curating these experiences ensured that we didn’t make the mistake of skipping any places from the program.

Above all, Dudi and Anica aren’t just connoisseurs of gastronomy; they are passionate about connecting people and cultures through food.
Anica’s warm and caring nature, coupled with her deep knowledge of the local food scene and extensive network among the city’s leading chefs, made us feel like we were welcomed not just into restaurants but into the hearts of Seoul’s culinary community.

Abandon Doubts All Ye Who Enter Here.
Seoul is now undeniably one of the world’s top gastronomic destinations.

maria and dan dunca


From: Cluj Napoca, România

Tour: Best of Seoul with Anica, Aug 2023

Tours with THT: 1

We’ve been traveling for many years now to get to the best restaurants that the world has to offer, feeding our passion for gastronomy to the highest level.

Over and over again, we chose to experience the joys of a fine dining restaurant alone, just the two of us, thinking that this is how we would make the most of it.

However, the experience that we had in Korea, together with David and Anica, changed our perspective completely and it became the most beautiful and complex experience so far.

The ease and proficiency with which they took us from street food to three Michelin stars in an interval of only a few hours, their level of knowledge, and the pure and utter hospitality of those who welcomed us in their restaurants.

All of these things made this a very unique and beautiful



From: Zug, Switzerland

Tour: Best of Seoul with Anica, Aug 2023

Tours with THT: 3

One of the biggest mistakes a foodie can make is underestimating Korean cuisine.

The “fine dining” restaurants and “street food establishments” that we visited as part of the THT Best of Seoul Tour 2023 impressively confirmed this. Born&Bred made a particularly impressive statement when it came to “high-end” meat dishes.

Special praise goes to the Korean tour leader Anica, who kept the crowd of hungry tourists well under control at all times.

If you are looking for an equivalent but independent alternative to the Tokyo tour, you should definitely consider this tour. You will not regret it.

Mubarak Razouki


From: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Tour: Best of Seoul with Anica, Aug 2023

Tours with THT: 1

An outstanding one-of-a-kind culinary experience. From the street market to the 3 Michelin-starred restaurants would leave any food lover in awe.

Anica did a great job portraying Korean cuisine and was full of knowledge of its history and development. It was a great pleasure feasting with whom I consider part of my extended family. The exemplary people on this tour, albeit from differing backgrounds made me feel extremely welcome. I enjoyed getting to know each and every one of them at a personal level.

Great tour, great food, and most importantly shared with great people. I will be doing this again.

matthew ng


From: london, UK

Tour: Best of Seoul with Anica, Aug 2023

Tours with THT: 4

I have been on several tours in the past (Tokyo, Turkey, San Sebastián), all of which have been thoroughly amazing. So when David decided to put together this inaugural Seoul tour with Anica, I just had to join!

Korean food is often stereotyped as the cliche kimchi, barbecue, and fried chicken. But there is actually so much more and Anica really did the most fantastic job in showing us just what Seoul has to offer!

From street food, to casual local haunts, to some of the best restaurants in the world, Anica guided us through the dazzling maze of Korean flavours and opened our eyes to some of the best ingredients and cooking in the world (yes, Hanwoo is better than Wagyu!).

We also benefitted infinitely from the great rapport she has with all the chefs and restaurant owners. All in all, led expertly by Anica and accompanied by the most affable group of fellow tourists, this inaugural Seoul tour was a resounding success!

No doubt Seoul will be one of the top, if not the top, destinations in the future!

anna & Charlie paw


From: manila, Philippines 

Tour: Best of Seoul with Anica, Aug 2023

Tours with THT: 2

It’s our 2nd time to join David’s THT; both times were awesome experiences.

This maiden tour of Seoul is the most recent eye-opener. Even though we’ve been to Seoul, and were familiar with Korean cuisine, Anica still opened our minds and palates to a whole new level of Korean flavors!

The mix of street food, gourmand bibs, Michelin-starred restaurants, and bars, all worked in the right sequence and was properly paced. We would not have been able to fit and try everything in one trip on our own, in the short span of time that we did!

What made this trip even more enjoyable, was sharing these experiences with a group of individuals having the same passion and appreciation for food and exploration. We highly recommend the experience, and will be joining David on another THT tour soon!

marisa & trevor scott


From: San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

Tour: Best of Tokyo, June 2023

Tours with THT: 1

My husband and I joined the Best of Tokyo June 2023. We were both nervous about a group tour and handing over the majority of our vacation to unknown (to us) tour guides and the unpredictability of other guests. All doubts disappeared during our welcome happy hour.

Sinan and David quickly proved themselves to be friendly, sociable, knowledgeable, and fun-loving hosts. Our fellow guests, as David predicted, started off as fast friends and soon became family (the kind you enjoy).

Sinan’s zeal for food and fun was infectious and permeated our itinerary; quick to laugh and share stories, each meal was a highlight. We were surprised by the warmth the chefs had for our group – creating special menus, connection, and a depth of experience that is usually only delivered when you’re a “friend of the chef”.

We also appreciate the time Sinan took with us for some “field trips” between meals. His knife knowledge and Tokyo shopping expertise proved especially golden during a trip to Kappabashi Street.

Our THT trip gave us access to a Tokyo we could not have had on our own, and the connections we made continued to enrich the remainder of our trip to Japan. It was a leap of faith to put our adventure in Sinan’s hands, and it is a leap we will happily make again as we have already signed up for another trip.

Leia & Jibran Shermohammed


From: Atlanta, GA, USA

Tour: Istanbul (Private Tour), May 2023

Tours with THT: 1

My wife Leia and I had an unforgettable experience on our two-day private food tour in Istanbul with Sinan. Sinan has an infectious personality and maintains close friendships across the city.

We felt special at every restaurant, food stall, and retailer we visited. We didn’t just get special treatment – we got the Sinan treatment. At every stop, the owner or head chef always came out to say hi, made sure that we were getting to try the things he or she was most proud of, and made sure that we were having a great time.

Next, Sinan loves his job. A tour with Sinan feels like spending time with a friend that is very excited to share his favorite experiences with you. His enthusiasm for the places he took us was contagious and left us raving about everything we ate and saw.

Finally, Sinan really knows food and has great taste! He made sure that we experienced the full diversity of Turkish cuisine from the best food stalls to the finest restaurants and all of his selections were remarkable. Experiencing a city with Sinan feels less like going on a tour and more like hanging out with your well-connected friend that knows everyone and wants to show you a good time.

My wife and I consider him our friend and enthusiastically recommend going on a tour with him!

ana & Jonathan paul


From: Washington DC, USA

Tour: Istanbul (Private Tour), May 2023

Tours with THT: 1

Our private 2-day Istanbul tour was the highlight of our trip to Turkey; and one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had.

The tour was fun, memorable, and it felt like we got two weeks of experiences in the two days we spent with Sinan. The tour allowed us to try so many different types of amazing Turkish cuisine—the best versions of familiar dishes and lots of food I would have never tried without him showing us the way.

Although the food was definitely the highlight, it didn’t feel like a non-stop eating contest. I learned more about the neighborhoods, culture, and history on our food tour than I did on the sightseeing tours we took.

Everything was well-paced and the portions were perfectly planned to allow us to try lots of different types of food and really experience the whole city. Sinan is world-class. He spent time talking with us beforehand to design a tour that aligned with our interests and was flexible enough to make changes when we expressed interests on the day of the tour—like adding stops for burgers and wine : )

More importantly, he was just a delight to spend time with for two days. His love for food, passion for all things Turkey, and infectious energy kept us moving long after the food coma should have set in. I told him after the first half of Day 1 that the tour was a 10/10 but it kept getting better after that.

I can’t recommend Sinan and Hungry Tourist tours highly enough. We are already talking about which of their tours we want to go on next!

brian li & jamie thai


From: Los Angeles, USA

Tour: Grand Spain Tour, March 2023

Tours with THT: 1

Anyone considering THT for their next foodie trip is in for a treat. At each restaurant, a bespoke experience awaits. Plus, you’ll quickly realize that the value of the trip goes well beyond their access to great food/restaurants. The lifetime of memories and bonds you’ll inevitably create is priceless.

Dudi and Sinan, the masterminds behind THT, are prepared to execute on a highly curated food extravaganza. Their deep knowledge and experience within the gastro industry is bar none. Simply put, magic happens the moment you step into an eatery. For the duration of the meal, you can expect custom menus, elevated wine pairings, and extra special treatment. The food speaks for itself; always delicious.

So how do you get the most out of THT? Go with a hungry stomach. But above all, go with an open mind and really get to know your tour mates.

We joined The Grand Tour of Spain (Mar 2023). And we look forward to future trips.

Stephan Wild


From: Zug, Switzerland

Tour: grand Spain Tour, March 2023

Tours with THT: 1

The Grand Tour of Spain in March 2023 was my first Hungry Tourist Food Tour ever and it will not be my last. It was an all-out experience of the finest art.

The food was outstanding, and so was the selection of the restaurants and the chefs. Not only did we have great dining experiences but in many places, we were also invited into the kitchen area to get a look behind the scenes. The hotels and their location also added to a high-level experience in my view.

Last but not least it was an outstanding experience on a human level. Meeting like-minded people from all around the world makes the food experience so much deeper and better. My next tour is already booked and I can not wait for it.

Vicky Fingeroot


From: Beaver Island, MI, USA

Tour: Best of Tokyo, February 2023

Tours with THT: 1

I returned last week from a tour with The Hungry Tourist, David Califa to Tokyo.  This trip was delayed for three years because of COVID, and it was well worth the wait!  This was a family trip with my daughter, son, and his fiancé!

The memories created will last a lifetime, and I am so grateful for this.

Now for the trip. We ate our way through Tokyo. The tour started with a brief tutorial on the culture of the Japanese.  This was an informative introduction. We then experienced many of the foods of the country.  Ramen, Soba, Sushi, Izakaya, Tempura, Dim Sum, and the BEST Steak Sandwich I have ever had!

David has developed friendships and relationships with some of the most influential Chefs, and Food Experts in Tokyo, which he graciously shared with us.

The group of 8 of us became fast and lifelong friends.

I highly recommend traveling with David and his team.  You will not be disappointed and have an incredible experience.

Brad Fingeroot


From: Washington DC, USA

Tour: Best of Tokyo, February 2023

Tours with THT: 1

I recently returned from the Best of Tokyo tour and highly recommend it to anyone with a passion for food and travel. It is a week-long whirlwind of the best Tokyo has to offer: sushi, wagyu, tempura, ramen, and much more. You will leave with a new appreciation of the cuisine— and if like me— a love for the city and people of Tokyo.

David is a wonderful guide to Japanese culture through the lens of food. He brings genuine and unbridled enthusiasm for the food we eat and the masters that make it. His relationships both with chefs at many of the best restaurants in the city and local experts (Tomoko and Hiroshi!) deliver an experience that is unattainable otherwise.

I look forward to the opportunity to travel with The Hungry Tourist again.

Jayabhanu Rao


From: Hyderabad, India

Tour: Best of Tokyo, February 2023

Tours with THT: 1

I have always dreamed of going to Japan to experience Japanese food and culture. For many years I would stalk Dudi’s Instagram account to get restaurant recommendations. And finally, we decided to join him on his tours and it was the best decision we took.

Thanks to Dudi we were able to experience Japanese food culture in a way we couldn’t have if we went by ourselves. It was a combination of the best restaurants, personable chefs (who treated us with warmth – like we were their personal guests), an amazing group of fellow foodies from all over the world, and Dudi himself. Dudi’s love and reverence for food and the people who prepare it were inspiring to witness.

My husband and I loved it so much that we are already planning our next trips with Dudi! Cannot wait to experience other parts of the world through Dudi’s eyes!

We highly recommend this trip for all those who want to experience true Japanese food and hospitality!

Cristina Ussía


From: Madrid, Spain

Tour: Best of Tokyo, February 2023

Tours with THT: 1

If you like the idea of treating your senses to the best the world has to offer follow your instincts and allow David and the team to take you there. They will skillfully lead you to unforgettable experiences you just hope to have the time to fully appreciate, there is so much to take in.

From the get-go David introduced us to local chefs that excel at what they do like only the Japanese know-how. The intimacy and attention to detail is second to none. The aesthetic experience is guaranteed. You will come across true masters in their field who will do nothing short of reshaping your world into a more beautiful place forever.

Just as enjoyable is getting to know the rest of the Hungry Tourist, all of which you would gladly meet again.

If you care for memories you don’t wish to forget, welcome David into your life, you will be very happy you made the time for it.

Beau Hagege


From: Los Angeles, USA

Tour: Best of Tokyo, February 2023

Tours with THT: 1

Six nights in Tokyo. Six nights in a city of over 40 million homogeneous polite people. Japan is a country steeped in tradition, dating back to 660 BC. As of 2020, 140,000+ restaurants existed in Tokyo, a colorful yet seeming silent metropolis – 203 of which hold at least one Michelin star (the most of any city in the world). And it is your dream to try the best this city has to offer? David Califa aka The Hungry Tourist boasts daily that this dream can become a reality – for a price.

So…is this a deep dive into Tokyo’s hard to navigate underbelly? An immersion into rich Japanese culture? An informational overload of things unknown? Quite frankly, the answer is no. This is a straight up regimented week of intense eating that comes with a strict schedule; eating and waiting to eat again – and do not be late! You are paying for Califa’s connections to a handful of very difficult to book restaurants – many of which are Michelin star recipients. Impossible to do on your own? No. But it could take months or longer and a lot of effort to snag a coveted spot (especially with the Japanese language barrier) at some of these restaurants. And some do not accept reservations, so your ramen hunt can turn into more of a ramen wait. Note that not all the restaurants are Japanese either, you will eat whatever is able to be booked that week, and it may surprise you – be that good or bad. French food in Japan? That’s a ‘no’ for me, dawg. Though, you will eat it nonetheless. The Gyoza and Sukiyaki were forgettable, but the Yakiniku, from a chef so dedicated to his craft that he only sees his family twice a month, was umami on crack. On the other hand, I have consumed enough shirako this week to last a lifetime (if you’re googling what that is, don’t do it in front of children). The omakase tempura made with liquid nitrogen batter was so delegate you will instinctively eat it with your pinky out. The sushi chef’s seemingly intuitive yet rehearsed movements are akin to the best ballet dancer you can imagine. Let’s be honest, the performances and attention to detail from these modern day shoguns can make even a piece of cardboard appear to taste good. The human element in these six seater counter top only restaurants raises the experience to a special platform not achieved in many other cultures. Mix that with numbing jet lag and it almost all feels like a dream.

What you really gain from this trip is access to Califa’s network of foodies around the world and most importantly the chance to meet and connect with a group of really great, like minded, successful people. And if an issue arises, The very hungry tourist will go out of his way to try and make things right.

If you are looking for a weeklong getaway to sit back and put your feet up, be chauffeured to each restaurant and catered to your every need, well then, this is not for you. This is not a relaxing vacation, this is a food marathon. Come ready.

Kevin Kratiuk


From: Toronto, Canada

Tour: Best of Tokyo, February 2023

Tours with THT: 1

Where do I start…

Our amazing group, the food, the city, the one and only Dudi..and his partner in crime, Tomoko, our special local Tokyo guest – this is the ONLY way to explore Tokyo… with food-driven friends and a personable, energetic, and organized tour guide. Dudi has Tokyo locked down with the best restaurants and hidden gems (not known to the public) the city has to offer! I was ready to see what Japan had to offer and I trust Dudi to lead the way. You start the trip with individuals from around the world and by the end, you are a close group of friends not wanting to leave Japan.

I’m fortunate to make friends living in every corner of the globe whom we were able to share our experiences with and an opportunity to enhance our palates in a humbling way. Dudi and Tomoko – Thank you for your dedication to what you do and for organizing everything flawlessly. We cannot wait to see you again on our next food endeavor!

Mohammad Mutabagani


From: Jeddah, Saudi

Tour: Best of Tokyo, February 2023

Tours with THT: 1

Tokyo, Feb 2023

There are 3 main elements that made this tour special,

#1: The people.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know a wonderful group of like-minded people with one purpose for this trip, which is exploring the finest of Tokyo and raising the bar for their pallets.

#2: the learning curve.

Before coming to this trip I thought of myself as a pretty knowledgeable person when it came to food, turns out I was wrong. This humbling experience gave me access to well-seasoned chefs that broaden your palettes with exquisite knowledge, there is always more to learn!

#3: I saved the best for last, David, AKA “Dudi”

The man, the myth, the legend. This man has dedicated himself to exploring, experiencing, and last but not least TASTE. He will go above and beyond to make sure your trip is unforgettable and other than his mastery and connections at getting you seats at places you wouldn’t dream of going to, he’s a pretty cool guy to hang around with.

If you haven’t done this yet with him, you are missing out

Bryan Baum


From: Miami, USA

Tour: Private Tour – Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo

Tours with THT: 4

Dubai, Jan 2021

Barcelona, Spain 2021

Grand Spain Tour, May 2022

Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo Private Tour – Dec 2022

I recently did a Hungry Tourist’s private tour of Osaka, Tokyo, and Kyoto, and I can confidently say it was the best travel experience I’ve ever had. From start to finish, they were incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive to our needs.

We were able to see all the major sights and top restaurants in both cities without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. The food was absolutely next level. They got us into all the best places, and were good friends with all the chefs at the restaurants we ate it.

What I appreciated most about this tour was the effort that they put into teaching us about Japanese culture and customs. They didn’t just show us the sights and have us eat at the restaurants; they helped us understand the significance of what we were seeing and eating and gave us a deeper appreciation for the history and traditions of Japan.

Anyone who wants to experience the best that Tokyo and Kyoto has to offer should do this. It was an unforgettable experience that we will cherish for years to come.

ben yong


From: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tour: Best of Tokyo, September 2019

Tours with THT: 7

Bangkok, Jan 2018

Tokyo, May 2018

Scandinavia, Sep 2018

Istanbul, Dec 2018

Bangkok, Jan 2019

Sri Lanka, Feb 2019

Tokyo, Sep 2019

The adventure of eating could only be bettered by the curation of a well-balanced meal. That is what it’s like traveling with David.

Anyone can walk into any restaurant. but to know which are the best, curated over a short period of time, without wasting any calories or poor experiences over a bad meal? That’s an art!

Thank you for introducing me to a world of dining adventures. From street food to home-styled mama’s kitchen, to Michelin restaurants.

It’s truly an honor and pleasure to be able to travel the world and share meals with like-minded souls!




Tour: Best of Scandinavia, March 2022

Tours with THT: 1

Dear David, 

I would like to thank you, for a fantastic Viking food tour… it was simply amazing. 

At first, I thought, really? Is it a good idea to visit these restaurants with a group of people I don’t know…?. In a way, I was a bit skeptical. The day before the trip I was rather nervous, then on the first day before the event started, you invited us for a breakfast at the Nimb Hotel to give us an overview of what to expect from the trip. 

However, since I landed in Copenhagen a bit late, arriving for breakfast with you all being there, was a fantastic first impression, as I felt really welcome from you all. To be honest, I felt great, as meeting a group of friends I knew for a long time before. 

Then, as we got the day for ourselves, we could not only get more comfortable with each other but also had the chance to explore a bit in the city, meeting all in the evening in front of the restaurant at the planned time, where again I felt welcomed. It felt just like the right people to share this experience, a multicultural group of great individuals sharing not only a common love for food but also for hospitality. 

Imagine then, all these amazing restaurants: Noma, Alchemist, Jordnær, Maaemo, Frantzén, being the best how everyone welcomed us in these restaurants. The management, the Chefs, and also the owners gave us a warm welcome, and I am sure we felt like VIPS, and since they all knew you, the atmosphere was great from the beginning making us feel very comfortable. 

To be very honest with you, the food, the wine, the people… it was just the perfect combo and I cannot be happier to have joined this fantastic tour, where not only did I make so many new friends but also had the chance to share great discussions about our passion for food. 

Trust me when I tell you, whenever I have the time to do so, I won’t hesitate to do the next food tour again with you. My doors are open for all of you, and nothing would make me happier to host you for a great food experience and show you some great Austrian hospitality.

max shapiro


From: Los Angeles, USA

Tour: Best of Scandinavia, March 2022

Tours with THT: 1

After having not been on vacation in 2 years, it was time to treat me. I pondered putting together a string of restaurants to go to in Europe, but reservations a month out were proving to be challenging.

This then brought me to The Hungry Tourist and his epic Scandinavian tour. Just seeing the lineup of restaurants he was able to book was incredible.

As someone who’s always the one tasked with reserving, planning, and organizing, this was one of the greatest reliefs I’ve ever experienced. All I had to do was book my flight and David takes care of the rest. Before my arrival, David sent out an itinerary and domestic flight schedule so I knew exactly what to expect and plan accordingly.

I won’t get into all the restaurants, but Alchemist and Frantzén alone were worth the trip. We were treated so wonderfully because of the relationships that David has with these restaurants. No doubt the experience would be amazing if I was to have gone without him, but with him, there’s a noticeable leveling up that was quite special.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was to meet such amazing people from all over the world. The group that was curated were sweet, positive, happy like-minded people. This trip was made more special because of the dynamic of the whole group.

Khalid Juman


From: Manama, Bahrain

Tour: Best of Scandinavia, March 2022

Tours with THT: 1

The tour was amazing in so many different ways.

The tour arrangements done had us seated at Michelin-starred restaurants every night, and these were managed in such a short time frame despite the fact that these restaurants had waiting lists of 2-3 years which was, in itself, just an admirable feat.

We got VVIP treatment at these restaurants and the menus and services were beyond outstanding. I think that this had a lot to do with the fact that these restaurants knew David personally and this was the reason for the outstanding services we were offered.

The food itself was another superb experience like no other and no words will be enough to do it justice. I leave it to the reader to get on this amazing tour and experience it for themselves.

Khalid A Juman
Editor in Chief

Samihah Imami


From: NYC, USA 

Tour: Best of San Sebastian Tour, March 2022

Tours with THT: 1

Joined THT San Sebastián tour and it is a must-do experience for food lovers!

David is warm and welcoming, and super happy to be hanging out and eating with others who love food as much as him. Gabriella, our local guide, also elevated the experience – sharing the history of the region, the people, food, and culture and giving us insider access to the chefs, which was amazing.

It was great to interact with the chefs directly for some of the spots and see the action behind the scenes. Every restaurant was very happy and excited to host both David and Gabriella, which made our group feel right at home – as if we were at a friend’s place dining and chatting.

The food and wine were endless and delicious and the menus were very thoughtfully curated for the group. The planning and logistics were perfectly done as well, and we easily got from place to place – very much on time and also with time for us to explore on our own in between (with great local recommendations from both David and Gabriella).

Lastly, it is amazing how people from all over the world from such different backgrounds can be brought together by David and bond over the common love of amazing food. You’ll leave not only having had the best meals of your life but also with connections around the world!

Alfredo dominguez


From: Panama 

Tour: Best of San Sebastian Tour, March 2022

Tours with THT: 2

This was my second THT experience in San Sebastián and I’ll start from the end: I would definitely do it again.

Gabriela is a walking encyclopedia who truly enjoys what she does. David has done these who knows how many times and is like a child in a candy store visiting for the first time.

The other hungry tourists were also troopers who truly enjoy food. The chefs and waiters all connect even more with everyone’s enthusiasm and joy.

You add all that and you have not just a food experience but a life experience.

Brendan T. O’Connor


From: Dayton, Ohio, USA

Tour: Best of San Sebastian Tour, March 2022

Tours with THT: 1

This tour exceeded all my expectations. The city, accommodations, and FOOD were amazing.

It was a great mix of large-tasting menu meals and bar hopping/pintxos tastings. The breath of things we had the opportunity to try was outstanding. There were so many great surprises.

On top of the great food, the other wonderful people on the tour with me really made this trip. So many like-minded people from around the world are all joined by their love of food. I know I made some lifelong friends in just 5 days.

I’m already making plans to go on another Hungry Tourist Tour next year.

Yann Bayard


From: Geneva, Switzerland

Tour: Best of San Sebastian Tour, March 2022

Tours with THT: 1

The tour in San Sebastian organized by David is the one you must put on your top list if you are a foodie like me.

In 4 days, you experience the best food and service you can imagine. Exceptional products are sublimated by very talented and down-to-earth chefs.

Gabriella Ranelli surrounds the tour with her huge food knowledge, stories, and anecdotes. It’s a great addition to an already unforgettable experience.

Finally, I will never forget my birthday at Casa Julian, thanks to David, and see you on another tour!



From: Ramat Hasharon, Israel

Tour: Best of Dubai, January 2022

Tours with THT: 1

I just came back from a 5 days phenomenal tour in Dubai with The Hungry Tourist, aka Dudi Califa. It was my first time there, but it was the most impactful experience I could have imagined.

Experiencing Dubai with Dudi (yes, Dudi, he is now a friend for life) is so multidimensional! I felt like I was getting to know the city from above and from deep within, getting to various hidden gems I bet even locals might not know.

The food was beyond what words could describe but what I really take home are the memories, the company, the diversity, the warm welcome, and the hospitality of Dudi and his loyal local friends, which made this trip so special.

The most memorable stop for me was also the most emotional one- our feast @Reza. I grew up on Persian food but Reza really took it to another level and brought back happy distant memories through his amazing dishes.

I Can’t wait for the next trip to Turkey!

marc steinits


From: Ariel, Israel

Tour: Best of Dubai, January 2022

Tours with THT: 1

We have three types of friends in life: Friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime. There are not many words that can describe the phenomenal tour of David Dudi Califa, “The Hungry Tourist”.

Today we finished five days in Dubai of amazing food, flavors, cultures, colors, and most of all – amazing people. It was my first time in Dubai, and there were so many different things I heard about this location – and I imagined so many things regarding it before I came. But nothing could prepare me for “The hungry Tourist” way of showing you a location.

It takes you to places that not even all the locals know about. Dudi has local friends everywhere who join the trip, help, guide, and recommend the best places in town. Food was unbelievable: in 5 days we ate so many different foods of so many different cultures that after you finish the tour and finish eating with Dudi Calfia – it will be super hard to go back and eat stuff as we ate before we meet him.

And above all – Dudi is one of a kind, a true friend that stays for life, starts from food, and ends with the best human relationship you ever meet. I highly recommend to everyone to try the Dubai tour of “The Hungry Tourist” – as Dubai is an amazing location with so much food and different cultures to show.

And me? I already booked my next trip with “The Hungry Tourist”. Thanks for all Dudi – never could have a better Dubai than with you!

dudi lasri


From: Tel Aviv, Israel

Tour: Best of Dubai, January 2022

Tours with THT: 1

Just finished the THT Dubai food tour, and it was simply phenomenal!

It was not just about food (and we had AMAZING food) – it was also about meeting the people behind the food, breaking bread with them, and being hosted in the kindest and most tasty way you can ever imagine.

We were taken to cherry-picked hidden gems, that we could never find on our own, as well as fine-dining restaurants – with amazing chefs that were there just for us.

Can’t just wait for the next trip with David!

Judith Olney


From: Palm Beach, USA

Tour: Great Viking Trail,  September 2018

Tours with THT: 2

Usually, arrange my own food tours but when I saw Dudi’s brilliant schedule of Scandinavian stops, I knew I could not better him.

What a treat, the trip of a lifetime with a caring and truly connected leader.

I’m planning another trip with him soon. Catch him anywhere you can. The best.

emanuel rosenzweig


From: Shoham, Israel

Tour: San Sebastian,  March 2018

Tours with THT: 4

San Sebastian, May 2017
Tokyo, October 2017
San Sebastian, March 2018
Great Viking Trail, May 2019

Sensual, exciting, amazingly tasty. Great group of foodies with a common passion and a lot of respect for people in general and the group members in particular.

Friends who become happy when they meet fresh ingredients, perfect technique, and extraordinary creativity on a plate.

mark wiens


From: Bangkok, Thailand

Tour: Best of Israel, June 2018

Tours with THT: 4

Israel, June 2017

Tokyo, September 2017

Bangkok, January 2019

Sri Lanka, February 2019

David is a one-of-a-kind food and people lover. He’s the type of guy that will not think twice about going way out of his way to bring you to the best possible restaurant/food stall.

I had an amazing time eating the “Best of Israel” with David, 6 days of all-out feasting at both legendary street food stalls and fine dining restaurants that would have been impossible to go to without David’s arrangement.

Going on a tour with David is a once-in-a-lifetime food experience. Thank you for this amazing trip!

oliver swan


From: NYC, USA

Tour: The Culinary Secrets of Hong Kong, February 2018

Tours with THT: 7

I just returned from two back-to-back tours, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

There aren’t enough superlatives to convey the entire experience. First-Dudi is truly passionate about food and travel- it is his life. He structures these “adventures” (the word tour doesn’t do it justice) as he travels. It happens to be exactly how I like to travel.

I felt privileged to have the opportunity to accompany him and his friends on these adventures. It’s not a business. Anyone can go to restaurants. Dudi truly curates unique culinary experiences that simply wouldn’t be possible without him and really don’t otherwise exist.

He has spent years building relationships and traveling the world many times over many meals that make these experiences possible.

For example- in Hong Kong- we spent an afternoon with the first 3 starred Chinese Chef in the world (Chef Tak of Lung King Heen @ Four Seasons) as he walked us through the neighborhood where he grew up and took us to the hole-in-the-wall restaurants he loves. It was the first time in the history of the hotel that they arranged for the Chef to take anyone outside the restaurant.

I had similar absolutely priceless experiences in Bangkok. Dudi opens doors that no one else can; he has the golden key that unlocks unforgettable experiences. Each experience is literally unforgettable. He also partners with some of the most amazing people in the world (Hanuman and introduces amazing local foodies (Firm, PupPup, and Abel to mention a few). He is also a match-maker.

He puts together some of the finest foodies in the world on these adventures. We met as strangers, became friends, and really left as family. We have kept in touch after the trips and coordinated together to plan future trips with Dudi. It’s also truly a global group.

I now have friends that I look forward to visiting throughout the world and look forward to seeing on other trips with Dudi. The relationships truly transcend the food.

Thank You, Dudi for making it all possible!



From: Jakarta, Indonesia

Tour: The Best of Bangkok, February 2018

Tours with THT: 1

 Sabrina: It has been an amazing week traveling with Dudi, the Thai food master, and all the foodie friends whom I just met.

From the high-end Michelin stars restaurants to the street food stalls and also the connection-based restaurants which Dudi make it all possible to get reservations for us, our palate has been pampered well for one week. And it’s all worth it and in the end, I miss all the food and the good companions, looking forward to our next adventure.

Howard: The tour David organized was simply amazing. We had a sampling of the best Thai food from all 4 corners of the kingdom.

Along the way, there was also a Thai Food Master who meticulously explained the preparation and background of the dish, which makes appreciating the food that much better. Great like-minded foodies gathered to make the great company as well, making the whole week absolutely unforgettable.

Looking forward to many more travels with The Hungry Tourist!

beth lang


From: Chicago, USA

Tour: The Best of Tokyo, September 2017

Tours with THT: 4

Bangkok, Feb 2017
San Sebastian, May 2017
Tokyo, September 2017
Hong Kong, February 2018
My third trip with The Hungry Tourist! I can’t even pick a favorite because I loved all of them–Bangkok, San Sebastian, and Tokyo. David finds the best of the best on all of his trips.
He has connections that will get you into the best restaurants and hotels and attract the nicest and most interesting people from all over the world who love to share good food. I hope to go on another trip soon!

jonathan livny


From: Jerusalem, Israel

Tour: San Sebastian,  May 2017

Tours with THT: 5

Istanbul, September 2015
Barcelona, December 2016
Bangkok, February 2017
San Sebastian, May 2017
San Sebastian, March 2018
This trip to San Sebastian was my fourth trip with Dudi Califa and each time I say that the trip I am on is the best.
So I have come to a conclusion that they are ALL outstanding as long as he leads them! The restaurants he chooses are the best in the world, and the quality of the guides he chooses cannot be matched.
The gourmet food I have had on all his trips is unmatched by anything I have ever had. His generous spirit allows you to have your culinary and wine dreams come true. I am booking all his trips and shall repeat the same ones every time. It’s a dream come true each and every trip.



From: Bangkok, Thailand

Tour: Best of San Sebastian, May 2017

Tours with THT: 1

San Sebastian, May 2017

Tokyo, September 2018

Israel, November 2018

Istanbul, December 2018

The best and most perfect holiday I have ever had!

Incredible hosts, guide, and fellow diners who all have the same passion for food.

I cannot recommend it highly enough. I did the Spanish tour incorporating the best that Barcelona and San Sebastián have to offer.

neil walker


From: A Chef Abroad, The UK

Tour: Best of San Sebastian, May 2017

Tours with THT: 4

There should be a rating of 6-star when traveling to explore, meet, and network with David- it was beyond Excellent.
After an entire trip, what I experienced was beyond multi-facets of the restaurant industry and slow-dining culture. Is the passion inside David for what he is doing and the attention to detail he went through to ensure the trip was seamless, his hand-picked selections were truly industry leaders & passionately cooked.


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