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ben yong


From: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tour: Best of Tokyo, September 2019

Tours with THT: 7

Bangkok, Jan 2018

Tokyo, May 2018

Scandinavia, Sep 2018

Istanbul, Dec 2018

Bangkok, Jan 2019

Sri Lanka, Feb 2019

Tokyo, Sep 2019

The adventure of eating could only be bettered by the curation of a well-balanced meal. That is what it’s like traveling with David.

Anyone can walk into any restaurant. but to know which are the best, curated over a short period of time, without wasting any calories or poor experiences over a bad meal? That’s an art!

Thank you for introducing me to a world of dining adventures. From street food to home-styled mama’s kitchen, to Michelin restaurants.

It’s truly an honor and pleasure to be able to travel the world and share meals with like-minded souls!




Tour: Best of Scandinavia, March 2022

Tours with THT: 1

Dear David, 

I would like to thank you, for a fantastic Viking food tour… it was simply amazing. 

At first, I thought, really? Is it a good idea to visit these restaurants with a group of people I don’t know…?. In a way, I was a bit skeptical. The day before the trip I was rather nervous, then on the first day before the event started, you invited us for a breakfast at the Nimb Hotel to give us an overview of what to expect from the trip. 

However, since I landed in Copenhagen a bit late, arriving for breakfast with you all being there, was a fantastic first impression, as I felt really welcome from you all. To be honest, I felt great, as meeting a group of friends I knew for a long time before. 

Then, as we got the day for ourselves, we could not only get more comfortable with each other but also had the chance to explore a bit in the city, meeting all in the evening in front of the restaurant at the planned time, where again I felt welcomed. It felt just like the right people to share this experience, a multicultural group of great individuals sharing not only a common love for food but also for hospitality. 

Imagine then, all these amazing restaurants: Noma, Alchemist, Jordnær, Maaemo, Frantzén, being the best how everyone welcomed us in these restaurants. The management, the Chefs, and also the owners gave us a warm welcome, and I am sure we felt like VIPS, and since they all knew you, the atmosphere was great from the beginning making us feel very comfortable. 

To be very honest with you, the food, the wine, the people… it was just the perfect combo and I cannot be happier to have joined this fantastic tour, where not only did I make so many new friends but also had the chance to share great discussions about our passion for food. 

Trust me when I tell you, whenever I have the time to do so, I won’t hesitate to do the next food tour again with you. My doors are open for all of you, and nothing would make me happier to host you for a great food experience and show you some great Austrian hospitality.

max shapiro


From: Los Angeles, USA

Tour: Best of Scandinavia, March 2022

Tours with THT: 1

After having not been on vacation in 2 years, it was time to treat me. I pondered putting together a string of restaurants to go to in Europe, but reservations a month out were proving to be challenging.

This then brought me to The Hungry Tourist and his epic Scandinavian tour. Just seeing the lineup of restaurants he was able to book was incredible.

As someone who’s always the one tasked with reserving, planning, and organizing, this was one of the greatest reliefs I’ve ever experienced. All I had to do was book my flight and David takes care of the rest. Before my arrival, David sent out an itinerary and domestic flight schedule so I knew exactly what to expect and plan accordingly.

I won’t get into all the restaurants, but Alchemist and Frantzén alone were worth the trip. We were treated so wonderfully because of the relationships that David has with these restaurants. No doubt the experience would be amazing if I was to have gone without him, but with him, there’s a noticeable leveling up that was quite special.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was to meet such amazing people from all over the world. The group that was curated were sweet, positive, happy like-minded people. This trip was made more special because of the dynamic of the whole group.

Khalid Juman


From: Manama, Bahrain

Tour: Best of Scandinavia, March 2022

Tours with THT: 1

The tour was amazing in so many different ways.

The tour arrangements done had us seated at Michelin-starred restaurants every night, and these were managed in such a short time frame despite the fact that these restaurants had waiting lists of 2-3 years which was, in itself, just an admirable feat.

We got VVIP treatment at these restaurants and the menus and services were beyond outstanding. I think that this had a lot to do with the fact that these restaurants knew David personally and this was the reason for the outstanding services we were offered.

The food itself was another superb experience like no other and no words will be enough to do it justice. I leave it to the reader to get on this amazing tour and experience it for themselves.

Khalid A Juman
Editor in Chief

Samihah Imami


From: NYC, USA 

Tour: Best of San Sebastian Tour, March 2022

Tours with THT: 1

Joined THT San Sebastián tour and it is a must-do experience for food lovers!

David is warm and welcoming, and super happy to be hanging out and eating with others who love food as much as him. Gabriella, our local guide, also elevated the experience – sharing the history of the region, the people, food, and culture and giving us insider access to the chefs, which was amazing.

It was great to interact with the chefs directly for some of the spots and see the action behind the scenes. Every restaurant was very happy and excited to host both David and Gabriella, which made our group feel right at home – as if we were at a friend’s place dining and chatting.

The food and wine were endless and delicious and the menus were very thoughtfully curated for the group. The planning and logistics were perfectly done as well, and we easily got from place to place – very much on time and also with time for us to explore on our own in between (with great local recommendations from both David and Gabriella).

Lastly, it is amazing how people from all over the world from such different backgrounds can be brought together by David and bond over the common love of amazing food. You’ll leave not only having had the best meals of your life but also with connections around the world!

Alfredo dominguez


From: Panama 

Tour: Best of San Sebastian Tour, March 2022

Tours with THT: 2

This was my second THT experience in San Sebastián and I’ll start from the end: I would definitely do it again.

Gabriela is a walking encyclopedia who truly enjoys what she does. David has done these who knows how many times and is like a child in a candy store visiting for the first time.

The other hungry tourists were also troopers who truly enjoy food. The chefs and waiters all connect even more with everyone’s enthusiasm and joy.

You add all that and you have not just a food experience but a life experience.

Brendan T. O’Connor


From: Dayton, Ohio, USA

Tour: Best of San Sebastian Tour, March 2022

Tours with THT: 1

This tour exceeded all my expectations. The city, accommodations, and FOOD were amazing.

It was a great mix of large-tasting menu meals and bar hopping/pintxos tastings. The breath of things we had the opportunity to try was outstanding. There were so many great surprises.

On top of the great food, the other wonderful people on the tour with me really made this trip. So many like-minded people from around the world are all joined by their love of food. I know I made some lifelong friends in just 5 days.

I’m already making plans to go on another Hungry Tourist Tour next year.

Yann Bayard


From: Geneva, Switzerland

Tour: Best of San Sebastian Tour, March 2022

Tours with THT: 1

The tour in San Sebastian organized by David is the one you must put on your top list if you are a foodie like me.

In 4 days, you experience the best food and service you can imagine. Exceptional products are sublimated by very talented and down-to-earth chefs.

Gabriella Ranelli surrounds the tour with her huge food knowledge, stories, and anecdotes. It’s a great addition to an already unforgettable experience.

Finally, I will never forget my birthday at Casa Julian, thanks to David, and see you on another tour!



From: Ramat Hasharon, Israel

Tour: Best of Dubai, January 2022

Tours with THT: 1

I just came back from a 5 days phenomenal tour in Dubai with The Hungry Tourist, aka Dudi Califa. It was my first time there, but it was the most impactful experience I could have imagined.

Experiencing Dubai with Dudi (yes, Dudi, he is now a friend for life) is so multidimensional! I felt like I was getting to know the city from above and from deep within, getting to various hidden gems I bet even locals might not know.

The food was beyond what words could describe but what I really take home are the memories, the company, the diversity, the warm welcome, and the hospitality of Dudi and his loyal local friends, which made this trip so special.

The most memorable stop for me was also the most emotional one- our feast @Reza. I grew up on Persian food but Reza really took it to another level and brought back happy distant memories through his amazing dishes.

I Can’t wait for the next trip to Turkey!

marc steinits


From: Ariel, Israel

Tour: Best of Dubai, January 2022

Tours with THT: 1

We have three types of friends in life: Friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime. There are not many words that can describe the phenomenal tour of David Dudi Califa, “The Hungry Tourist”.

Today we finished five days in Dubai of amazing food, flavors, cultures, colors, and most of all – amazing people. It was my first time in Dubai, and there were so many different things I heard about this location – and I imagined so many things regarding it before I came. But nothing could prepare me for “The hungry Tourist” way of showing you a location.

It takes you to places that not even all the locals know about. Dudi has local friends everywhere who join the trip, help, guide, and recommend the best places in town. Food was unbelievable: in 5 days we ate so many different foods of so many different cultures that after you finish the tour and finish eating with Dudi Calfia – it will be super hard to go back and eat stuff as we ate before we meet him.

And above all – Dudi is one of a kind, a true friend that stays for life, starts from food, and ends with the best human relationship you ever meet. I highly recommend to everyone to try the Dubai tour of “The Hungry Tourist” – as Dubai is an amazing location with so much food and different cultures to show.

And me? I already booked my next trip with “The Hungry Tourist”. Thanks for all Dudi – never could have a better Dubai than with you!

dudi lasri


From: Tel Aviv, Israel

Tour: Best of Dubai, January 2022

Tours with THT: 1

Just finished the THT Dubai food tour, and it was simply phenomenal!

It was not just about food (and we had AMAZING food) – it was also about meeting the people behind the food, breaking bread with them, and being hosted in the kindest and most tasty way you can ever imagine.

We were taken to cherry-picked hidden gems, that we could never find on our own, as well as fine-dining restaurants – with amazing chefs that were there just for us.

Can’t just wait for the next trip with David!

Judith Olney


From: Palm Beach, USA

Tour: Great Viking Trail,  September 2018

Tours with THT: 2

Usually, arrange my own food tours but when I saw Dudi’s brilliant schedule of Scandinavian stops, I knew I could not better him.

What a treat, the trip of a lifetime with a caring and truly connected leader.

I’m planning another trip with him soon. Catch him anywhere you can. The best.

emanuel rosenzweig


From: Shoham, Israel

Tour: San Sebastian,  March 2018

Tours with THT: 4

San Sebastian, May 2017
Tokyo, October 2017
San Sebastian, March 2018
Great Viking Trail, May 2019

Sensual, exciting, amazingly tasty. Great group of foodies with a common passion and a lot of respect for people in general and the group members in particular.

Friends who become happy when they meet fresh ingredients, perfect technique, and extraordinary creativity on a plate.

mark wiens


From: Bangkok, Thailand

Tour: Best of Israel, June 2018

Tours with THT: 4

Israel, June 2017

Tokyo, September 2017

Bangkok, January 2019

Sri Lanka, February 2019

David is a one-of-a-kind food and people lover. He’s the type of guy that will not think twice about going way out of his way to bring you to the best possible restaurant/food stall.

I had an amazing time eating the “Best of Israel” with David, 6 days of all-out feasting at both legendary street food stalls and fine dining restaurants that would have been impossible to go to without David’s arrangement.

Going on a tour with David is a once-in-a-lifetime food experience. Thank you for this amazing trip!

oliver swan


From: NYC, USA

Tour: The Culinary Secrets of Hong Kong, February 2018

Tours with THT: 7

I just returned from two back-to-back tours, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

There aren’t enough superlatives to convey the entire experience. First-Dudi is truly passionate about food and travel- it is his life. He structures these “adventures” (the word tour doesn’t do it justice) as he travels. It happens to be exactly how I like to travel.

I felt privileged to have the opportunity to accompany him and his friends on these adventures. It’s not a business. Anyone can go to restaurants. Dudi truly curates unique culinary experiences that simply wouldn’t be possible without him and really don’t otherwise exist.

He has spent years building relationships and traveling the world many times over many meals that make these experiences possible.

For example- in Hong Kong- we spent an afternoon with the first 3 starred Chinese Chef in the world (Chef Tak of Lung King Heen @ Four Seasons) as he walked us through the neighborhood where he grew up and took us to the hole-in-the-wall restaurants he loves. It was the first time in the history of the hotel that they arranged for the Chef to take anyone outside the restaurant.

I had similar absolutely priceless experiences in Bangkok. Dudi opens doors that no one else can; he has the golden key that unlocks unforgettable experiences. Each experience is literally unforgettable. He also partners with some of the most amazing people in the world (Hanuman and introduces amazing local foodies (Firm, PupPup, and Abel to mention a few). He is also a match-maker.

He puts together some of the finest foodies in the world on these adventures. We met as strangers, became friends, and really left as family. We have kept in touch after the trips and coordinated together to plan future trips with Dudi. It’s also truly a global group.

I now have friends that I look forward to visiting throughout the world and look forward to seeing on other trips with Dudi. The relationships truly transcend the food.

Thank You, Dudi for making it all possible!



From: Jakarta, Indonesia

Tour: The Best of Bangkok, February 2018

Tours with THT: 1

 Sabrina: It has been an amazing week traveling with Dudi, the Thai food master, and all the foodie friends whom I just met.

From the high-end Michelin stars restaurants to the street food stalls and also the connection-based restaurants which Dudi make it all possible to get reservations for us, our palate has been pampered well for one week. And it’s all worth it and in the end, I miss all the food and the good companions, looking forward to our next adventure.

Howard: The tour David organized was simply amazing. We had a sampling of the best Thai food from all 4 corners of the kingdom.

Along the way, there was also a Thai Food Master who meticulously explained the preparation and background of the dish, which makes appreciating the food that much better. Great like-minded foodies gathered to make the great company as well, making the whole week absolutely unforgettable.

Looking forward to many more travels with The Hungry Tourist!

beth lang


From: Chicago, USA

Tour: The Best of Tokyo, September 2017

Tours with THT: 4

Bangkok, Feb 2017
San Sebastian, May 2017
Tokyo, September 2017
Hong Kong, February 2018
My third trip with The Hungry Tourist! I can’t even pick a favorite because I loved all of them–Bangkok, San Sebastian, and Tokyo. David finds the best of the best on all of his trips.
He has connections that will get you into the best restaurants and hotels and attract the nicest and most interesting people from all over the world who love to share good food. I hope to go on another trip soon!

jonathan livny


From: Jerusalem, Israel

Tour: San Sebastian,  May 2017

Tours with THT: 5

Istanbul, September 2015
Barcelona, December 2016
Bangkok, February 2017
San Sebastian, May 2017
San Sebastian, March 2018
This trip to San Sebastian was my fourth trip with Dudi Califa and each time I say that the trip I am on is the best.
So I have come to a conclusion that they are ALL outstanding as long as he leads them! The restaurants he chooses are the best in the world, and the quality of the guides he chooses cannot be matched.
The gourmet food I have had on all his trips is unmatched by anything I have ever had. His generous spirit allows you to have your culinary and wine dreams come true. I am booking all his trips and shall repeat the same ones every time. It’s a dream come true each and every trip.



From: Bangkok, Thailand

Tour: Best of San Sebastian, May 2017

Tours with THT: 1

San Sebastian, May 2017

Tokyo, September 2018

Israel, November 2018

Istanbul, December 2018

The best and most perfect holiday I have ever had!

Incredible hosts, guide, and fellow diners who all have the same passion for food.

I cannot recommend it highly enough. I did the Spanish tour incorporating the best that Barcelona and San Sebastián have to offer.

neil walker


From: A Chef Abroad, The UK

Tour: Best of San Sebastian, May 2017

Tours with THT: 4

There should be a rating of 6-star when traveling to explore, meet, and network with David- it was beyond Excellent.
After an entire trip, what I experienced was beyond multi-facets of the restaurant industry and slow-dining culture. Is the passion inside David for what he is doing and the attention to detail he went through to ensure the trip was seamless, his hand-picked selections were truly industry leaders & passionately cooked.


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