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OCTOBER 12 – 20, 2024



At A Glance


Regions and cities explored:

Kyoto, Tokyo, Kanazawa


8  days


October 12th to 20th, 2024


Super high-end, the hardest to book

Who for:

Members of THT Hard Core group


Limited to 9 guests

some highlights



Our favorite Kaiseki in Kyoto. Maeda, distinguished by its three Michelin stars, is renowned for its exemplary Kaiseki cuisine, meticulously crafted by Chef Maeda.

Situated in Gion, this restaurant defies expectations with its vibrant, communal dining atmosphere that breaks from traditional formalities.

Chef Maeda skillfully blends modern flavor profiles with time-honored Kyoto culinary techniques, presenting an innovative approach that respects the integrity of traditional ingredients. This blend of historical and contemporary Japanese dining makes Maeda a prestigious culinary landmark in Kyoto.

tha sakai

Tha Sakai in Kyoto, led by Chef Tsuyoshi Sakai, specializes in wood-fired cuisine, influenced by his training at Etxebarri in Spain.

This exclusive, invitation-only restaurant blends Japanese ingredients with Basque wood-fire techniques, using oak from Wakayama to enhance flavors.

The intimate setting ensures a personalized dining experience. The restaurant showcases dishes like Nagasaki oysters and Latvian smoked caviar. It is praised for its innovative approach, merging Japanese tradition with international cooking methods.



Three Michelin Stars Ginza Harutaka is renowned for serving Japan’s best Maguro (Yamayuki sourced). The ambiance, inspired by a refined ryokan featuring a softly draped noren and cedar furnishings, complements the culinary art of Chef Harutaka Takahashi.

Trained under the legendary sushi master Jiro, Chef Harutaka prioritizes simplicity and quality, sourcing ingredients daily from Toyosu Market to create dishes that emphasize the natural flavors of the seafood, which are then paired with meticulously seasoned rice.

His approach blends mastery of traditional sushi techniques with a unique touch, focusing on the quality of each ingredient. The intimate setting of the restaurant, featuring an L-shaped counter, facilitates direct interaction with the chef, enhancing the immersive dining experience and highlighting Harutaka’s commitment to culinary excellence and accessibility.


Hatou, led by Master Daichi Kumagiri in Tokyo, is emerging as a standout sushi restaurant that is highly sought after for reservations.

Trained by culinary masters from the Michelin-starred Ishikawa for kaiseki and Amamoto for sushi, Kumagiri seamlessly blends these disciplines.

His approach is innovative, integrating techniques from kaiseki with traditional sushi, focusing on the intrinsic flavors of sustainably sourced ingredients like Irish wild-caught bluefin tuna.

Hatou’s unique style reflects a modern interpretation of Japanese culinary traditions, making it a pivotal establishment in Japan’s sushi scene.

Nikuya tanaka

Chef Satoru Tanaka at Nikuya Tanaka Ginza has distinguished himself in Tokyo’s culinary scene by focusing on serving the highest quality Kobe and Matsusaka beef.

Renowned for his deep understanding and passion for wagyu, Chef Tanaka offers a menu that showcases these luxurious meats with expert preparation and minimalistic treatment to highlight their natural flavors.

His dedication ensures that each cut of beef, whether Kobe or Matsusaka, is presented to maximize its unique characteristics, offering diners an unparalleled wagyu experience.

This commitment makes Nikuya Tanaka Ginza a destination for those seeking the pinnacle of Japanese beef cuisine.


Chef Tatsuaki Kasamoto, the mastermind behind Takiya, offers a luxurious tempura dining experience in Tokyo. At Takiya, indulgence meets artistry with unconventional tempura items like premium wagyu and truffles, paired with fine wines and spirits for an unforgettable evening.

The serene, shrine-like setting of Takiya, complete with traditional Japanese elements, complements every dish’s meticulous attention to detail.

Kasamoto san, a veteran of prestigious kitchens and a scion of a culinary family, utilizes his deep connections to source the finest ingredients, enhancing the traditional tempura with his innovative approach. His commitment to quality and his warm, engaging personality make every meal at Takiya a unique and personal culinary journey.


makitori shinkobe

Under the leadership of Chef Hikita Toyoki, Makitori Shinkobe in Tokyo offers a unique dining experience, blending traditional Japanese Kaiseki elements with an innovative focus on chicken.

Chef Hikita’s approach is rooted in the Japanese culinary tradition. Still, it introduces a unique twist by primarily featuring chicken, complementing various other dishes that enrich the dining experience.

This innovative spirit and a commitment to quality make Makitori Shinkobe a coveted spot for food enthusiasts.



Chef Takayoshi Yamaguchi of Sushidokoro Mekumi in Nonoichi City, near Kanazawa, is passionate about the science of umami and sushi preparation.

His restaurant, renovated to reflect his dedication to his craft, provides a shrine-like ambiance where diners enjoy meticulously prepared sushi.

Utilizing his deep understanding of ingredients, Yamaguchi enhances their natural flavors through scientific methods developed in collaboration with researchers.

His commitment extends beyond the kitchen as he personally sources the freshest local seafood, ensuring each dish reflects the purity and essence of Japanese cuisine.



Kazuo Morita, a legendary sushi master in Kanazawa, continues to impress patrons well into his 90s with his exceptional sushi skills.

Known for his speed and precision, Morita’s personal touch at Komatsu Yasuke, where he often remembers regulars’ preferences, adds a unique charm to the dining experience.

Despite his age, his commitment to offering top-quality sushi at reasonable prices shows his dedication to accessibility over exclusivity. His approach, blending traditional techniques with a personal touch, makes Komatsu Yasuke a must-visit destination for sushi enthusiasts.

Auberge Eaufeu

At the heart of Auberge Eaufeu in Kanagaso is Chef Shota Itoi, a culinary virtuoso whose journey from winning prestigious competitions to refining his skills in top global kitchens culminates in this unique dining venue.

Housed in a beautifully repurposed school, the restaurant blends historical charm with modern aesthetics, offering a menu that marries tradition with innovation.

Here, each dish crafted by Chef Itoi is not just a meal, but a narrative of exquisite flavors and meticulous presentation, making every dining experience memorable and inspiring.

and more, much more

Best ramens, Izakaya, markets, bars, etc.


october 12 – 14
gate hotel

green car shinkansen to tokyo
october 14 – 18
toranomon edition hotel

green car shinkansen komatsu
october 18 – 19
Hyatt Centric Hotel

The Essentials

Tour Fees

Per person, shared room: USD 10850
Single occupancy supplement: USD 2500

The price includes all food, beverages, taxes, service charges, first-class Shinkansen transportation between cities, and 7 nights of accommodation.

The price does not include airfare to or from Japan and any travel or medical insurance.

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A Note on Set Menus

The menus offered during the tour are selected by The Hungry Tourist with the help of our local partners. We believe they represent the best culinary fare our destinations have to offer. Guests may order outside of these menus at their own expense.
Unless stated otherwise, aperitifs and digestives (pre-dinner champagnes or cocktails and after-dinner drinks) are not included in wine pairings and should be settled by the guest.



A non-refundable deposit of US$1,500 per person will be charged upon reservation.

The balance must be paid no later than 60 days prior to the first day of the tour.

Payments are preferred by bank transfer. Payments with Credit Card will incur a 4% supplement.

Cancellation Policy and Penalties

If cancellation is received up to 30 days before the first day of the tour, the deposit will be forfeited.

If cancellation is received up to 10 days before the first day of the tour, a penalty fee of 50% of the remaining balance will be charged. If cancellation notice is received within 10 days of the first day of the tour or the guest is a no-show, the entirety of the remaining balance will be charged.


After having not been on vacation in 2 years, it was time to treat me. I pondered putting together a string of restaurants to go to in Europe, but reservations a month out were proving to be challenging.

This then brought me to The Hungry Tourist and his epic Scandinavian tour. Just seeing the lineup of restaurants he was able to book was incredible.As someone who’s always the one tasked with reserving, planning, and organizing, this was one of the greatest reliefs I’ve ever experienced. All I had to do was book my flight and David takes care of the rest. Before my arrival, David sent out an itinerary and domestic flight schedule so I knew exactly what to expect and plan accordingly.

I won’t get into all the restaurants, but Alchemist and Frantzén alone were worth the trip. We were treated so wonderfully because of the relationships that David has with these restaurants. No doubt the experience would be amazing if I was to have gone without him, but with him, there’s a noticeable leveling up that was quite special.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was to meet such amazing people from all over the world. The group that was curated were sweet, positive, happy like-minded people. This trip was made more special because of the dynamic of the whole group.


The tour was amazing in so many different ways.

The tour arrangements done had us seated at Michelin-starred restaurants every night, and these were managed in such a short time frame despite the fact that these restaurants had waiting lists of 2-3 years which was, in itself, just an admirable feat.

We got VVIP treatment at these restaurants and the menus and services were beyond outstanding. I think that this had a lot to do with the fact that these restaurants knew David personally and this was the reason for the outstanding services we were offered.

The food itself was another superb experience like no other and no words will be enough to do it justice. I leave it to the reader to get on this amazing tour and experience it for themselves.

Khalid A Juman
Editor in Chief

KHALID JUMAN, Manama, Bahrain

Dear David,

I would like to thank you, for a fantastic Viking food tour… it was simply amazing.

At first, I thought, really? Is it a good idea to visit these restaurants with a group of people I don’t know…?. In a way, I was a bit skeptical. The day before the trip I was rather nervous, then on the first day before the event started, you invited us for a breakfast at the Nimb Hotel to give us an overview of what to expect from the trip.

However, since I landed in Copenhagen a bit late, arriving for breakfast with you all being there, was a fantastic first impression, as I felt really welcome from you all. To be honest, I felt great, as meeting a group of friends I knew for a long time before.

Then, as we got the day for ourselves, we could not only get more comfortable with each other but also had the chance to explore a bit in the city, meeting all in the evening in front of the restaurant at the planned time, where again I felt welcomed. It felt just like the right people to share this experience, a multicultural group of great individuals sharing not only a common love for food but also for hospitality.

Imagine then, all these amazing restaurants: Noma, Alchemist, Jordnær, Maaemo, Frantzén, being the best how everyone welcomed us in these restaurants. The management, the Chefs, and also the owners gave us a warm welcome, and I am sure we felt like VIPS, and since they all knew you, the atmosphere was great from the beginning making us feel very comfortable.

To be very honest with you, the food, the wine, the people… it was just the perfect combo and I cannot be happier to have joined this fantastic tour, where not only did I make so many new friends but also had the chance to share great discussions about our passion for food.

Trust me when I tell you, whenever I have the time to do so, I won’t hesitate to do the next food tour again with you. My doors are open for all of you, and nothing would make me happier to host you for a great food experience and show you some great Austrian hospitality.

JOSEF WALSH, Lech, Austria