United States

by: Robert Driscoll

Born in Tokyo, I grew up in New York eating my mother’s Japanese home cooking.  I moved to California about 30 years ago, where I became an avid wine collector (and home cook) and started to travel the world seeking the finest gastronomic experiences.  

I reconnected with my Japanese roots as an adult and have visited Japan regularly over the last two decades. I have a natural affinity for Japanese food with a special fondness for traditional sushi.  

Here are my selections for the very best San Francisco and New York City have to offer.


Robert’s Japan list
San Francisco:

Saison (Modern Californian)

Del Popolo (Pizza)

Sushi Yoshizumi (Sushi)

The Refuge (Pastrami)

New York:

Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare (Japanese-French)

Atomix (Modern Korean)

Jungsik (Modern Korean)

Sushi Amane (Sushi)

Sushi Noz (Sushi)

Carbone (New York Italian)