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November 21 – 23, 2022

At A Glance


In the program:  Best classic dishes of the Anatolian Cuisine.

Length: 3 days 

Date: November 21st to – 23rd, 2022

Time: Starting at 13:00 PM

Where: Danon Culinary Center, Tel Aviv Port, Israel

Availability: Limited to 25 participants

Sinan Hamamsarilar

Sinan Hamamsarılar or as many in Turkey know him, Tatdedektifi (The Taste Detective) is the guy you want to have to navigate Anatolian cuisine.

Sinan, a chef, global explorer, and cooking-book author, is one of Turkey’s most serious and popular culinary experts and influencers, a consultant to the food industry, and a food writer for “Hürriyet”, Turkey’s biggest newspaper and Turkish Airlines’ ’“Skylife” magazine. He knows every grand restaurant and every delicious doner hole in the wall from Sultanahmet to Gaziantep. 

On top of all this, Sinan is a great cook, an encyclopedia of Turkish wine, has a passion for the hundreds of different kinds of Turkish cheese and is a world-class expert on hamburgers.


Danon, one of the best culinary schools in the world, trains the future generation of the culinary world.

Under the management of chef Meir Danon, the school sets a new standard of excellence in culinary training.

Seasoned Chefs and other professionals are the ones who teach all aspects of cooking and pastry to the highest standards.

Practical training is held on a variety of subjects, and students enjoy an extraordinary opportunity to experience operating a restaurant or a pastry shop.


Monday, November 21

İstanbul and Aegean Mezes

❀ Kuru Cacık (Thick yogurt, cucumber, herbs, fruits)

❀ Manca (Thick yogurt, fried vegetables)

❀ Fava (Lentil pure, onion jam)

❀ Çerkes Tavuğu (chicken pure, walnuts)

❀ Topik (Armenian festive dish)

❀ Girit Ezme (cheese, pistachio, walnuts)

❀ Vişneli Kaymaklı Pancar (beet cooked in cherry juice)

Tuesday, November 22

“Esnaf Lokantası” Classics

Soul; Food that every Turkish person dreams of.

❀ Mercimek Corbası (lentil soup)

Arnavut Ciğeri (fried liver)

Mücver (fried zucchini balls)

Sinkonta (pumpkin with caramelized onion)

Karnıyarık (fried eggplant with ground beef)

Kuru Fasulye (slow cooked black sea region beans)

Keşkek (wheat risotto)

Wednesday, November 23

Ocakbaşı – Grilling like an Usta

❀ Starters (Mezes and salad)

❀ Ciğer Kebap (Liver)

❀ Çöp şiş (Skewer)

Taraklık (Lamb boneless ribeye)

Adana kebap (spicy meat kebab)

Patlıcan kebap (eggplant kebab)

Kaburga (lamb ribs)

Workshop Fees:


NIS 2500 (about $750)

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Payments can be made by bank transfer or with Credit Card (w 4% supplement).

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