The Hungry Tourist is delighted to present:

The Culinary Secrets of Istanbul with Sinan


a special culinary experience for Yarzin Sella’s best

At A Glance


Cities explored: Istanbul, Turkey 

Length: 4 days

Date: Oct 19 – 23 and Oct 26 – 30, 2022

Availability: Limited to 14 guests on each tour



❀    A true one-of-a-kind opportunity for an insider Istanbul culinary experience.

❀    Discover and taste in 4 enchanted days the best of the different cuisines and dishes this magnificent city has to offer

❀    A journey through hidden gems guided by one of Istanbul’s most knowledgeable and connected guides.

The Juicy Details


Sinan Hamamsarılar or as many in Turkey know him, Tatdedektifi (The Taste Detective) is someone you want to have in your wing when you navigate Istanbul’s streets looking for good food.

He is the one who knows what hides behind every door and in most cases has the key to it.

Sinan is one of Turkey’s most serious and popular culinary experts and influencers, he consults to the food industry and writes for “Hürriyet”, Turkey’s biggest newspaper and for Turkish Airlines’ ’“Skylife” magazine.

On top of all this, Sinan is a great cook and a world-class expert on hamburgers.

Doner, Kebab, Kofte and more

No other city in the world is famous like Istanbul for it’s grilled meat. We will savor the best it has to offer. No less than 3 different Doners, each one different in style and flavor.

Our guests will have the best possible Adana Kebab and lamb chops in Zübeyir, Istanbul’s leading Ocakbaşı and will savor what many believe is the best Köfte(grilled meatballs) in the world at Köfteci Hüseyin.


Musa Dagdeviren, who was featured in Season 5 of Netflix’s Chef’s Table show, is single-handedly responsible for the revival of numerous ancient recipes from across the Ottoman Empire.


Ciya, his iconic restaurant in the Asian side of Istanbul is famous for its rich and highly seasonal menu, cooked in entirety from fresh local ingredients. At Ciya you can savor long forgotten dishes that no one else in the city serves.

Regional Cuisines

The Anatolian peninsula is blessed with hundreds of regions, each with its own typical cuisine. One can actually eat in Istanbul for months on end without repeating a dish.


During their 4 days tour, our guests will taste the best of these regional delicious dishes.

Bosphorus Cruise and Kiyi

Nothing demonstrates better the grandeur and magnificence of Istanbul as a Yacht Cruise on the Bosphorus.  And nowhere in the city, you can find better fish and seafood from the Bosphorus, the Marmara, the Mediterranean and the Black seas as in Kiyi Restaurant.

Street Food

Istanbulians love to eat out. In lokantas close to their place of work and in the streets.

Doner, Kokoreç (stuffed lamb intestines), Midye Dolma (stuffed mussels), Borek, Simit and Balik Ekmek are just a sample of the great fare offered daily in carts and shops all around the city.

Sinan is the perfect man to navigate the streets for the best they can offer.

Dairy and Pastry

Did you know that more types of cheese are manufactured in Turkey than in France? Have you ever fresh and creamy Kaymak made of Buffalo milk with your breakfast? Have you ever tried a delicious Adana Borek oozing with melted cheese? Or Su Borek which believed to be an earlier version of Lasagna?

Istanbul is blessed with hundreds of dairy eateries and Sinan know the best of the best of them.

The art of Pickling

No other people in the world pickle more stuff than the Turks. They don’t only eat the pickles with their meals but also drink their juices which are considered a super-food and are very healthy.

Our guest will try Turkish pickles in the best shop and in restaurants.

Sweets – and Baklava workshop

No words are actually needed here. After all, Turkish sweets (all sorts of Baklava, Katrmer, Lukums, Jams, and others) are exported from Turkey to every corner of the world because of their unique quality developed by craftsmen for centuries.

We will only taste the best Baklava Istanbul has to offer, but actually learn from these craftsmen the art of making Baklava.


A visit to Istanbul isn’t possible without a visit to its colorful markets, because the markets are everywhere.

During their 4 days tour, our guests will visit the Istikalal Fish market, The Egyptian Spice Bazaar, the intimate Besiktas Market, the perfect Kadikoy market, and the unique Sunday Kastamonu market of the Black Sea farmers market.

The W Hotel Istanbul

The W Istanbul Hotel is in the centre of the historic Akaretler Row Houses, an upscale neighborhood filled with restaurants, cafes, and design & art galleries.

W guests can explore the authentic and local area of Besiktas and the upscale shopping district of Nisantasi.

Live like a king in the W rendition of opulent seraglios for modern explorers-rooms and suites with garden, terrace, or cabana adorned with Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, the signature W bed, and a whimsical harem of stylish luxuries.

The Essentials

Itinerary and Hotel

Meeting at the W Hotel or the Airport

Tour number 1

Hotel reservation: From Oct 19 to 23, 2022

Kick-off meal: Pre-lunch on Oct 19

Last meal: The Four Seasons Sunday Brunch on Sunday, Oct 23

Tour number 2

Hotel reservation: From Oct 26 to 30, 2022

Kick-off meal: Pre-lunch on Oct 26

Last meal: The Four Seasons Sunday Brunch on Sunday, Oct 30

A Note on Set Menus

The menus offered during the tour are selected by The Hungry Tourist with the help of our local partners. We believe they represent the best culinary fare Istanbul has to offer. Guests may order outside of these menus at their own expense.

Wine: Not offered in most restaurants and not included.