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brian li & jamie thai


From: Los Angeles, USA

Tour: Grand Spain Tour, March 2023

Tours with THT: 1

Anyone considering THT for their next foodie trip is in for a treat. At each restaurant, a bespoke experience awaits. Plus, you’ll quickly realize that the value of the trip goes well beyond their access to great food/restaurants. The lifetime of memories and bonds you’ll inevitably create is priceless.

Dudi and Sinan, the masterminds behind THT, are prepared to execute on a highly curated food extravaganza. Their deep knowledge and experience within the gastro industry is bar none. Simply put, magic happens the moment you step into an eatery. For the duration of the meal, you can expect custom menus, elevated wine pairings, and extra special treatment. The food speaks for itself; always delicious.

So how do you get the most out of THT? Go with a hungry stomach. But above all, go with an open mind and really get to know your tour mates.

We joined The Grand Tour of Spain (Mar 2023). And we look forward to future trips.

Stephan Wild


From: Zug, Switzerland

Tour: grand Spain Tour, March 2023

Tours with THT: 1

The Grand Tour of Spain in March 2023 was my first Hungry Tourist Food Tour ever and it will not be my last. It was an all-out experience of the finest art.

The food was outstanding, and so was the selection of the restaurants and the chefs. Not only did we have great dining experiences but in many places, we were also invited into the kitchen area to get a look behind the scenes. The hotels and their location also added to a high-level experience in my view.

Last but not least it was an outstanding experience on a human level. Meeting like-minded people from all around the world makes the food experience so much deeper and better. My next tour is already booked and I can not wait for it.

Samihah Imami


From: NYC, USA 

Tour: Best of San Sebastian Tour, March 2022

Tours with THT: 1

Joined THT San Sebastián tour and it is a must-do experience for food lovers!

David is warm and welcoming, and super happy to be hanging out and eating with others who love food as much as him. Gabriella, our local guide, also elevated the experience – sharing the history of the region, the people, food, and culture and giving us insider access to the chefs, which was amazing.

It was great to interact with the chefs directly for some of the spots and see the action behind the scenes. Every restaurant was very happy and excited to host both David and Gabriella, which made our group feel right at home – as if we were at a friend’s place dining and chatting.

The food and wine were endless and delicious and the menus were very thoughtfully curated for the group. The planning and logistics were perfectly done as well, and we easily got from place to place – very much on time and also with time for us to explore on our own in between (with great local recommendations from both David and Gabriella).

Lastly, it is amazing how people from all over the world from such different backgrounds can be brought together by David and bond over the common love of amazing food. You’ll leave not only having had the best meals of your life but also with connections around the world!

Alfredo dominguez


From: Panama 

Tour: Best of San Sebastian Tour, March 2022

Tours with THT: 2

This was my second THT experience in San Sebastián and I’ll start from the end: I would definitely do it again.

Gabriela is a walking encyclopedia who truly enjoys what she does. David has done these who knows how many times and is like a child in a candy store visiting for the first time.

The other hungry tourists were also troopers who truly enjoy food. The chefs and waiters all connect even more with everyone’s enthusiasm and joy.

You add all that and you have not just a food experience but a life experience.

Brendan T. O’Connor


From: Dayton, Ohio, USA

Tour: Best of San Sebastian Tour, March 2022

Tours with THT: 1

This tour exceeded all my expectations. The city, accommodations, and FOOD were amazing.

It was a great mix of large-tasting menu meals and bar hopping/pintxos tastings. The breath of things we had the opportunity to try was outstanding. There were so many great surprises.

On top of the great food, the other wonderful people on the tour with me really made this trip. So many like-minded people from around the world are all joined by their love of food. I know I made some lifelong friends in just 5 days.

I’m already making plans to go on another Hungry Tourist Tour next year.

Yann Bayard


From: Geneva, Switzerland

Tour: Best of San Sebastian Tour, March 2022

Tours with THT: 1

The tour in San Sebastian organized by David is the one you must put on your top list if you are a foodie like me.

In 4 days, you experience the best food and service you can imagine. Exceptional products are sublimated by very talented and down-to-earth chefs.

Gabriella Ranelli surrounds the tour with her huge food knowledge, stories, and anecdotes. It’s a great addition to an already unforgettable experience.

Finally, I will never forget my birthday at Casa Julian, thanks to David, and see you on another tour!

emanuel rosenzweig


From: Shoham, Israel

Tour: San Sebastian,  March 2018

Tours with THT: 4

San Sebastian, May 2017
Tokyo, October 2017
San Sebastian, March 2018
Great Viking Trail, May 2019

Sensual, exciting, amazingly tasty. Great group of foodies with a common passion and a lot of respect for people in general and the group members in particular.

Friends who become happy when they meet fresh ingredients, perfect technique, and extraordinary creativity on a plate.

jonathan livny


From: Jerusalem, Israel

Tour: San Sebastian,  May 2017

Tours with THT: 5

Istanbul, September 2015
Barcelona, December 2016
Bangkok, February 2017
San Sebastian, May 2017
San Sebastian, March 2018
This trip to San Sebastian was my fourth trip with Dudi Califa and each time I say that the trip I am on is the best.
So I have come to a conclusion that they are ALL outstanding as long as he leads them! The restaurants he chooses are the best in the world, and the quality of the guides he chooses cannot be matched.
The gourmet food I have had on all his trips is unmatched by anything I have ever had. His generous spirit allows you to have your culinary and wine dreams come true. I am booking all his trips and shall repeat the same ones every time. It’s a dream come true each and every trip.



From: Bangkok, Thailand

Tour: Best of San Sebastian, May 2017

Tours with THT: 1

San Sebastian, May 2017

Tokyo, September 2018

Israel, November 2018

Istanbul, December 2018

The best and most perfect holiday I have ever had!

Incredible hosts, guide, and fellow diners who all have the same passion for food.

I cannot recommend it highly enough. I did the Spanish tour incorporating the best that Barcelona and San Sebastián have to offer.


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