Reza, Sinan, and Dudi are delighted to invite you:

The First THT Hard-Core

Reunion in Dubai 


December 5 – 9, 2023

As the year winds down, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by gathering in Dubai, a hidden gem in the culinary world that we can’t wait for you to discover.
It’s not just about the food; it’s about the people we share it with. So let’s reconnect with old friends, make some wonderful new ones, and expand our circle in the best way possible—over mouthwatering meals in a city that’s as vibrant as our global community.
We’re excited to catch up, laugh, and create new memories with you!


Who for: Exclusively for THT Hard-Core Members

Length: 4 days

Date: December 5th to 9th, 2023

Availability: Limited to 18 guests (First Comes, First Served)

Hotel: Our base will be at the Dubai Edition Hotel but you’re free to stay wherever you prefer.

Edition Rates: AED 2950 including breakfast and taxes (instead of AED 4800)

Transportation: Independently by Uber. Minibus to Gala dinner in the desert.

Cost: USD 2100 per person to cover the cost of all food and drinks


Why Dubai, You Ask?

Forget the glitz and glam that first comes to mind. Sure, Dubai has its fair share of swanky eateries and Michelin-starred establishments. But friends, the city has so much more to offer on the culinary front than just sequins and caviar. We’re talking about an unbelievably diverse food scene that’ll knock your socks off! 🌍🍛

A Food Lover’s Dream

Dubai is a sprawling buffet of cultures; a gastronomic playground that brings the world to your plate. With a whopping 85% of the population hailing from lands far and wide, imagine the culinary treasure that awaits. You’ll find passionate chefs who’ve been flown in straight from their home countries just to keep the authentic vibes alive. Seriously, the place is like a World Expo, but for your taste buds. 😋🌏

Authenticity in Every Bite

We can’t emphasize enough how authentic the food scene is. I’m talking about Iraqi kebabs that take you straight to Baghdad or Sri Lankan curries that teleport you to Colombo. And the best part? Many expats swear the dishes here taste even better than back home, thanks to high-quality ingredients and stringent quality controls. 🥘🍲

No Limits to Your Cravings

Feeling like Indian for lunch and Lebanese for dinner? You got it! Dubai offers a smorgasbord of choices; from Iraqi, Persian, and Emirati to Indian, Chinese, and Afghani cuisines—all at the top of their game. 🌶️🥟

Safety, Sunshine, and Smiles

Dubai isn’t just a feast for your stomach; it’s safe, and super welcoming, and the weather’s pretty darn perfect, making it an ideal location for our first reunion. ☀️🌴

So, ready to join us for this epic culinary journey? We promise it’s going to be a reunion like no other—one for the history (and cookbook)!

See you in Dubai,

Reza, Sinan & Dudi

Our Eating Program

Tuesday, Dec 5

Lunch at Khoory Special Kebab

Serving what many claim to be the best Kubeedeh outside Iran, Khoory Special Kebab features freshly baked Sangak bread from an authentic pebbles oven. A must-visit for anyone eager to taste the epitome of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Dinner at Bawabat Baghdad

Step into a dining space where traditional Iraqi cuisine comes alive. From Masgouf fish to Iraqi-style biryanis, Bawabat Baghdad transports your palate straight to the heart of Baghdad.


Wednesday, Dec 6

Breakfast at Bait Maryam

Led by Chef Salam, who was awarded the Best Female Chef in MENA, Bait Maryam offers Levant comfort food that feels like home. Start your day with signature dishes like Hummus, Falafel, shakshuka and more.

Lunch at Em Sherif

For a fine dining experience that highlights Lebanese cuisine, look no further than Em Sherif. Known for their set menus featuring mezzes, grills, and delectable sweets, this restaurant combines elegance with authentic flavors.

Dinner at Orfali Bros

Nominated as the number 1 restaurant in MENA by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Orfali Bros offers a personal culinary experience by Chef Mohamad Orfali, the dean of Allepian and Syrian cuisines, and his brothers. A not-to-miss experience for fans of Syrian cuisine.



Thursday, Dec 7

Breakfast at Shaun the Sheep Restaurant

This whimsical café, vouched for by Reza, serves what is claimed to be a Persian Kale Pache as good as any you’d find in Tehran.

Lunch at Rivas

We believe Rivas to be the best Persian restaurant in Dubai. Offering saffron-infused rice and herb-marinated meats, it is your go-to place for an unparalleled Persian dining experience.

Dinner at Tresind Studio

We’ve booked the entire Tresind Studio, which we believe is the best Indian restaurant in the world. With 2 Michelin stars, Chef Himanshu Saini will prepare for us an enhanced version of his latest “India Rising” tasting menu.

Friday, Dec 8

First Lunch at Al Fannah

Known for its seafood delicacies, Al Fannah promises an oceanic culinary expedition with the freshest catches of the day.

Second Lunch at Pak Liari

Serving what is, in our opinion, the best Biryani in Dubai. Period. A must-visit for any biryani aficionado.

Persian Sweets at Afrina

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Afrina with baklava, saffron rice pudding, and rosewater-infused delights.

Special Gala Dinner in the Desert by Sonara

Location: Sonara

Our farewell dinner for the Dubai gathering will feature a spectacular feast including Lamb Ouzi cooked buried under the sand, Dry aged Camel a la Plancha, Omani Prawns a la Plancha, Samak Machwi on open fire, and Beef with bazar spices also cooked on open fire.

But Wait, There’s More!

This is just the appetizer, folks! We’ve got big plans for future reunions; picture savoring the melting pot of Tel Aviv next year and Barcelona after that. 🇮🇱🇪🇸

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The Dubai EDITION marks a significant expansion for the brand into the Middle East’s most popular travel destination. Situated in Downtown Dubai, the hotel is located in one of the city’s most popular locations, opposite the world-famous Dubai Mall.

Designed with LW Design Group, the hotel features 275 guestrooms and suites. The property is home to multiple food and beverage outlets, pool, spa and fitness center, in addition to dynamic events spaces boasting meeting rooms and a flexible ballroom

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It is virtually impossible for one person to intimately know everything Dubai offers. The selection is just too vast and deep. But when I say that, I can’t include in this generalization my good friend and food compass, Reza Namazi.

Reza Namazi is an Iranian of Iranian-Iraqi heritage on his father’s side and Anglo-Indian on his mother’s. To top that off, he was born in India (he jokes that he was “made in India”).

Reza’s colorful lineage very much encompasses the multicultural spirit of Dubai where he has been a resident since the early 90’s – he has not just witnessed the stellar growth of this desert metropolis but has been an active part of it, especially on the culinary front where he has visited in excess of 2,000+ restaurants in Dubai alone.

Reza is an avid writer and restaurant reviewer (aka Xerxes The Ravenous), Reza has documented many of the restaurants he has visited in his blog and for food-related sites like Zomato where he was the #1 reviewer for many years.